• Hi Protein, low carbohydrate diets

    High protein, low carbohydrate diets have recently become popular again. There is no scientific evidence of the long term effectiveness on weight, lipids or blood glucose levels.   more...

  • Enjoying Food at Christmas – Without Overeating

    Throughout history and across all cultures, food has been associated with celebrations and holidays. In Australia we are lucky that the festive season coincides with the best time of year for beautiful seasonal produce.

  • Myths That Sell

    Recently a new brand of milk was developed that was very low in total bacteria. When it came to selling it however the advertising was based on it being ‘farm fresh’ and ‘natural’, using old fashioned pictures of cows and farms. Nothing could have been further from the truth as it had

  • Three steps to better eating and a healthier weight

    People often ask a dietitian for a ‘plan’ to help with weight loss that can provide some sensible guidelines and structure to follow, while not feeling like being on another restrictive diet. At other times someone has a good idea of what they need to do but need help to ‘put themselves back on track again’.

  • Working Lives and Eating Well

    Time – how does it disappear so quickly? Do you find yourself up early, out of the house without time to sit and enjoy breakfast, then ignoring hunger to get more done

  • Nutrition for the New Year: A time for reflection and planning

    The New Year is a time to think about your lifestyle and what that might mean for the coming year

  • Eating Well During Pregnancy

    Most women view eating well in pregnancy as an important way of caring for their baby and themselves. Recent research is showing that this is probably more important than we thought

  • Stocking the Cupboards

    It is more likely that you will eat well if the everyday food around you at home or at work is appealing, tasty and healthy

  • Nutrition for Health -The Forties Onwards

    Women from about the age of 40 onwards have hormonal and age related changes that increase their need for healthier nutrition

  • Some Useful Dietary Guidelines

    Nutrition is an increasingly complex science surrounded in complex terms, so I am often asked for 'education' about healthy nutrition that is a bit simpler and more understandable

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