• Putting Playfulness Back into Play

    Imagine how magnificent it would be if all of the messages around physical activity, eating and health read something like ‘Play with Pleasure’ ‘Bike with Bounce’, ‘Walk with a Wiggle’ and ‘Life’s a banquet – don’t starve yourself’   more...

  • No Wonder It Hurts

    Each day I see patients who are unaware of the habits and daily events that contribute to their aches and pains. On a singular basis each habit is not devastating, but the accumulation of these events/habits over days, weeks and months leads to

  • When All Else Fails - Love Your Body

    Have you ever wondered who you really are and what makes you happy? Have you ever had a glimpse of what it would be like to feel comfortable in your own body, or to truly love yourself? I embarked on this journey a number of years ago and it has since enriched my life.

  • Self-Esteem: A Weighty Matter

    The terms self-esteem and self-worth are often used interchangeably in popular culture. Some social scientists, however, draw a distinction between the two concepts. While both terms refer to how we perceive and feel about ourselves, self-esteem is sometimes thought to be

  • Understanding Emotional Eating - and what to do about it

    Worrying about your weight can be one of life's greatest issues. Many people battle with their weight continuously

  • Feelings

    In an article in The Age (July 14, 2001), social researcher, Hugh Mackay, had this to say about relationships: ‘Everyone will tell you the quality of our personal relationships is the key to the quality of our lives. When we lose sight of that, we lose our emotional bearings, often with disastrous consequences.’

  • Do Parents Cause Eating Problems?

    Some people have attempted to lay the blame for eating problems exclusively at the feet of parents. However, there are many parents who have played little or no part in the development of eating, weight or body image problems in their children. The causes

  • Mastering your Inner Body Critic

    We often blame the media and fashion industry for the way we feel about our bodies. But often the loudest and rudest messages we hear about our bodies come from inside us

  • Seduced by Diets in Disguise?

    Are claims like ‘no counting calories’, or ‘no weighing food’ seducing you into buying a diet in disguise when you thought you were getting a diet-free approach? A disturbing but growing trend

  • Posture

    Believe it or not, developing strong postural muscles is something that we can do when we are washing the dishes, lying in bed

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