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Your weight is influenced by many factors including genetics, ageing, hormonal influences, your eating and level of physical activity.  Some of these you can change, others you cannot.

The key to successfully managing your weight is to focus on making realistic changes to your lifestyle rather than focussing on changing your body.  The problem with short term approaches is that they can put your health at risk and are extremely difficult to maintain.  Understanding the reasons for being the weight you are can help you plan a lifestyle which you can sustain.  This will enable you to reach and/or maintain a healthy weight for you.

A healthy approach includes being physically active and generally eating what your body needs, including a wide variety of foods.  This is healthier than when most of your eating is triggered by psychological needs such as boredom or comfort, rather than physical hunger, or when your eating is dictated by rigid dietary rules (in the absence of medical conditions requiring such restriction).



There is a widely held perception that there is an “ideal” weight for each individual.  However there is no universally accepted way of defining or measuring an “ideal” weight, nor is it a helpful concept.  At best, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist circumference give us only an approximate guide to healthy weight levels.  The important thing for you as an individual is to find a weight range that is healthy, realistic and comfortable for you, not compared to anyone else.

Our healthy weight may vary from time to time, so there is no single weight or clothes size that any particular person is meant to be, or stay at, all their adult life.

Make efforts to look after yourself and your body in the best way you can, and your weight will evolve to the healthiest level that is possible.



If not dieting (in association with BIH Inc ) aims to help people adopt a lifelong approach to healthy eating by encouraging positive attitudes, thoughts and feelings towards food and eating.  Healthy eating is not just about what you eat but how you eat.  It involves enjoying a wide variety of foods without feeling guilty, and paying attention to your body which can tell you when you are physically hungry, full or just satisfied.

We discourage restrictive eating for the purpose of achieving a culturally defined ideal.


Acknowledgement to Body Image and Health Inc.

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