"They all work...when you stick to them"

Samantha L Thomas, Jim Hyde,  Asuntha Karunaratne, Rick Kausman, and Paul A Komesaroff

Background: To explore the extent to which people above their most healthy weight have attempted to lose weight, their attitudes towards dieting, physical exercise and weight loss solutions, why their weight loss attempts have failed, and their opinions about what would be most beneficial to them in their struggle with their weight.

Please note: The term obesity is used throughout this article.  This term was originally used as a research term.  Unfortunately, it is now being used in the clinical setting and within the public domain.  And almost always when it is used in this way, it is an unhelpful and judgemental term.  So please excuse the use of the word obesity throughout this article, as the language is still very entrenched within the research world.

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