Janelle's story

A bit about me: August 2010

I've had issues with weight and eating behaviours since I was 10 years old. I spent years yo-yo dieting and bingeing convincing myself that there must be something wrong with me that I was unable to maintain a healthy and comfortable weight for any great length of time. I was forever telling myself how stupid I was and a failure.

A friend lent me the book 'If not dieting, then what?'. My initial interest in reading the book was for personal help. I felt good after reading it, as though there was light at the end of the tunnel. I felt what I read made a lot of sense.

As a result, I wanted to learn more and be able to 'spread the word'. So, I attended Dr. Kausman's Health Professional Training Program and the Developing Theraputic Skills Workshop for the Program in 2009.

It was such an eye-opener! I began to devour reading all the books Dr. Rick put in his 'Further Reading' at the end of 'If not dieting, then what?' and raided his on-line shop for more. I felt a real hunger for getting as much information as I could that was relevent to the non-dieting approach. I went on to do the NECTAR program with Jenny McFadden, and attended the 'No More Diet' program run by Monash-Link.

I've gained insight from all the above but more importantly it's now beginning to translate into behavioural change - changes in thoughts, feelings and actions. In the main I'm happier now. I feel optimistic about where I'm going and living in the 'pleasant present' as Judy McFadden would say.

Cheers Janelle

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