Roz's story

Dr Rick, I have had your book for over a decade and have been a member of this website for years but as I have been dieting since I was 11 and I am now 47 it is very hard to change.

This past weekend I decided to give something different a go when I drove to my home town in a regional area to attend the annual show. My entire life I have been on or off a diet for the annual show. Usually I am consumed with what I am going to eat, or do I take my own food etc and I am always unhappy with the way the day went all because of my food choices.

When lunch time came I decided what I really wanted to eat was a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich (on white bread...shock horror) and shared a cup of hot chips with my husband. Even though I had those voices in my head saying I was making a big mistake.....too many carbs, you will never lose weight, you will get breast cancer again etc I persevered. I felt incredibly normal as I was eating what others were eating. I even had an ice cream on the way out. Last year I had taken my own food which I had after the show and I went without food all day.

The interesting thing was when I then had afternoon tea at my mothers, I didn't binge. Usually I would think I had blown it with bad food choices so I better eat all that good food I have been missing out on because I am going to start 'fresh' tomorrow.

It was just a little glimpse of what could be possible if only I could silence the voices. I will certainly keep working on it.



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