Vicki's story

My name is Vicki and I am 44 years young.  I've been suffering depression for all of 2013 and part of 2012.  My depression has mostly stemmed from a marriage break-down and low self esteem/body image due to my bad relationship with food.

I sought professional help mid 2013 to help guide me back to being more positive.  I am an intelligent career professional and I have a high profile in my line of work which I love, so I couldn't understand why logically I couldn't snap myself out of the darkness I was feeling.

My weight has always been an issue for me.  I started my first diet at age 16 and during my life I am either “on a diet” or “not on a diet”.  If I am on a diet, I am anal about it.  If I am not on a diet, I will devour anything that comes my way.  I have done every main stream diet – you name it, I have done it and successfully too.  And some non-main stream diets & medications.  But still, the weight piles back on & some and the guilt weighs heavy on my shoulders and so the cycle continues.

After a few months of seeing my psychologist, he suggested we focus on my relationship with food and he asked me to purchase Dr Rick's book “If Not Dieting Then What?.”  

I ordered Dr Rick's book online that very evening, and within 48hrs it was in my hands and I couldn't put it down.  I had it read in 2 days and it has single handedly snapped me out of this depression.  I am sure Dr Rick has been sitting inside my head for the past few years and wrote the book based on me just for me!

Terms Dr Rick used in the book resonated with me more than other more clinical terms, like “Hunger Fullness” just didn't gel with me as I am sure I haven't been really hungry for years.   But with Dr Ricks “Non-Hungry Eating”, this made perfect sense, as I “non-hungry” eat all the time.

“Stop putting your life on hold will you reach a magical goal weight”  - WOW – this hit home HARD.  I've been doing that for years now.  I didn't really know I was doing it, but the second I read it, I knew it was my own personal  truth that I had to face, in order to start living again.  There are so many others that I could list.... They are all golden gems of wisdom and truth and they are all in the book. 

I honestly thought this was my life, that it was mine alone to endure, and that I was doing it alone.  But this book showed me that we are all so alike.  We do face the same demons and the more we can share, the more we can overcome.  Knowledge is power they say, and this book has given me back the power.

My journey is not over, and I feel I am now only at the very beginning of a new journey.  And if I want to change, it has to come from within.  This book has given me the tools and the courage and belief that I can overcome my bad relationship with food.

I've already made positive changes to start living NOW.  Every time I reach for food I ask myself if I am “non-hungry eating”, and that “I can have it if I want to, but do I really feel like it?”.  That question alone makes me regularly put things back on the shelf, rather then eating it mindlessly like I would have in the past.

The guilt about eating will take a while to disappear, but I am learning to say that food is neutral, that there is no Good or Bad food.

And the big thing for me personally is to nurture myself in other ways than eating.

I feel like a bit of a preacher, because I can't stop talking about Dr Rick and this fabulous book to anyone that will listen.  I have been asked numerous times by my friends if they can “borrow” the book.  I've told them all NO!!  This book will never leave me.  It will never sit on a shelf.  It will be by my side, just within arms reach.  Should I need a bit of motivation, a little reminder, it will be there – Dr Rick will be there.

So thank you Dr Rick.  One day we will meet and I will give you a huge hug for the peace and happiness this book has bought to my life.  If you are reading this and debating whether to buy the book, JUST DO IT – it will be the best money you will have ever spent.

*Note from Dr Rick: Vicki, that's really lovely to hear and read about. Well done to you!



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