Jeanette's story

'My wonderful doctor in WA recommended your book to me. I have read it and feel empowered and have started trying to implement your realistic, sensible and do-able ideas ...into my lifestyle. I am becoming more accepting of my personal body shape and how genes play a large role in my make-up.

I am also beginning to take on the attitude that there are no bad foods but 'sometimes' foods, and this goes a long way to getting rid of feelings of guilt.

Eating slowly and not having to feel I MUST finish everything on the plate is such a good feeling and I can shirk off the guilt once again.

What I have really taken on board, so to speak, is the 'non-hungry eating' (concept) ......getting over the fact that 3/4 meals a day is not totally necessary (for me).

This is working well for me.

I suffer from osteoarthritis so exercise is not a comfortable scenario for me. However, I am starting to walk for at least 20-30 minutes when my joints allow and I do feel better for it. I don't however, beat myself up if I fail to walk one or two days. I just start again another day. I take the view that one or two walks or taking stairs is better than no exercise.

Thank you for writing this book.
Kind Regards
Jeanette (story with permission, last name, and doctors name, witheld for privacy reasons, 30/1/2014).

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