Kim's Story

Hi, I am writing to let you know how your book changed my life. Before reading your book, I was going on every diet possible. I am talking lemon detox, herbalife, chemist replacement meal shakes, tried cutting out carbs & sugar, starved myself, took laxatives and the list goes on and on. Each which made me feel so sick and weak in the end and did nothing for my body physically or internally. I was seeing my psychologist every week and she recommended that I buy your book as she realized that I was having deep issues in that part of my life. I got around to buying it and read it all from front to back. It told me everything I needed to know. Ever since I read your book, I have been going to the gym every second day and hired a trainer for once a week. I eat a balanced diet and I am not doing any extreme dieting anymore but rather listening to my body and determining the difference between hungry & non hungry eating.

I still tend to have my favorite treats when I feel like it and you know what? I don't feel guilty anymore. I savor the taste and enjoy it. How would I have known that I could do this if I had not read your book Rick? I would have continued every fad diet and dangerous dieting on the planet if I did not come across your book. I am so thankful that you wrote it and showed people the true definition of health and a realistic approach of weight loss & weight maintenance. I am now losing weight by eating a healthy balanced diet and not depriving myself of treats. I feel so good after each work out and feel so much more confident about life now. Slowly but surely I will make it to my goal soon. Just very happy that I didn't continue on the destructive path I was on and the $29.95 I spent on your book was the best money spent in my life. I wish I knew about your book earlier so I did not spend tons of money on worthless products, but nevertheless Thank you Dr Rick Kausman!

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