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I have just read Rick's book after it was recommended to me by my dietitian who I have been seeing for the past few months after 20+years of yo-yo dieting that just had to stop. I must admit that there were many pages in the book that were very emotional to me as it made me realise that I have wasted a lot of life, avoided social situations and been a life passenger because of my obsession with food, ideal weight and body image.

I wish I could go back in time, find the old me and slap him into some common sense - listen and trust your instincts. In Session one my dietitian asked me 'When was the last time you ate when you were hungry?' .....For me that was the moment I knew what was wrong - I was using food as a vice rather than as a energy source and necessity. It was a far bigger part of my life and my thoughts than what it needed to be.

The answer was that I couldn't think of the last time I was ever hungry. Scary but true. I have awoken from the food and diet coma and worked out that life has so many more far important and exciting things to focus on. I can now see through the haze. I am a person that lives a blessed life, with a wonderful family and friends and will no longer let the insignificance of 'ideal weight' distract me from life and all its pleasures. I am not perfect, I will go off-focus, I will non-hungry eat but now I will know when, why and how to adapt - but most importantly I now understand that this is normal and I am not a loser or freak. My life awaits......

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