Terrill Bruere

My role is to use my training and experience to help people live comfortably and enjoyably with food, themselves and their bodies.'

'I believe healthy nutrition can be simple and sustainable, even where dietary concerns require specialised counselling and advice. I aim to use my knowledge in a way that is useful to people and to help them find achievable, practical solutions to food and eating issues.'

'Personally, I love the pleasure of fresh food that changes with the seasons and allows me to enjoy the everyday, creative experience of preparing food and eating. I also love the taste of a good milk chocolate sometimes.'

Terrill is an experienced dietitian and counsellor and has worked in a range of settings including the community and hospital health systems and private practice.

Over the past 10 years she has developed her interest and expertise specifically in the areas of weight and eating counselling and women's health and nutrition.

This can include ~

working with people around weight management or more difficult eating issues
advice to families about eating
nutrition and women's health concerns including menopause, pregnancy and polycystic ovarian syndrome
the nutrition issues of people coping with hardship or drug usage

Currently Terrill is working at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, as well as in Private Practice. In her work she has moved beyond the traditional role of a dietitian into new ways of approaching nutrition, eating or body image issues. She extends these ideas to individual counselling, group and workshop facilitation and resource development and training. At present she is involved in writing a manual for health professionals who wish to use this approach in their work.


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Terrill Bruere Terrill Bruere