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Australia's Flavourite Speaker, Sherry Strong

'Despite growing up in the culinary equivalent of a gastronomic black hole I have always loved food. I used to say that fat was my favourite food group and consumed it in large amounts with lust. Instead of a reckless love affair I now have a passionate marriage with food. I have since developed a healthy respect for fats and promote the judicious use of health-giving fats. I am grateful for the abundance of ingredients I have to work with, the knowledge I have had access to (including many beautiful generous teachers) and the gift of loving to cook.'

'Whole, unprocessed foods, especially plant foods we know as fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains are the key to health, vitality and satiety. They are not known for it, but taste fabulous, and when grown and prepared well will knock your socks off. These are the foods I will bring to you in all their glory in recipes that I eat and love. They make my palate rejoice and my body feel great.'

'You don't need expensive ingredients or a four year apprenticeship to make them. I do however guarantee that if you shop for them with interest, prepare them with care and share them with people you love, they will be some of the best foods you'll ever cook. Not because of the recipe, but because of all that you put into it.'

Canadian born, Chef Sherry Strong has spent the last seven years teaching at her cooking school the Foodlovers Workshop, on television, radio and to corporate & community groups. Sherry is the Chair of Nutrition Australia in Victoria and is on the committee of Body Image & Health Inc. Most of her time is now spent in demand as a professional speaker, talking about Motivational Food Therapy and Empowerment Through Eating Well. She regularly gives keynote presentations and cooking demonstrations for corporate conferences, meetings and seminars.

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Mobile: 0412098992

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