Sherry's Recipes

  • Avocado – 19th Century Viagra

    Avocados have always been a controversial fruit. Until this century the avocado had an unshakeable reputation for stirring up sexual prowess that provoked lust; kind of a 19th Century Viagra. Revered by the Spaniards in the late 1600’s   more...

  • Sweet Potato Frittata

    By Sherry Strong, Chef Makes 50 – 75 finger food size portions (variation depends on how it's cut)

  • Fresh Asparagus spring rolls

    This is a simple recipe that the kids love to get involved with making and introduces them to new fun ingredients, it is full of life and freshness and gives massive impact of flavour. Feel free to experiment with seasonal ingredients and omit ingredients that you aren't fond of.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    One thing I know for sure is that 'Chocolate, is God's way of saying he loves us and wants us to be happy'

  • Baked Vegetable Salad

    For this salad buy a selection of the best, sturdy root vegetables you can find at your green grocer. This selection is a crowd pleaser as everyone will find something they like.

  • Broccoli Pappedrelle Pasta With Fresh Herbs

    Undercooking is the key, as opposed to overcooking, and it lends itself to being prepared in a million ways so get plenty of new season broccoli.

  • Swiss Brown Rice Risotto

    I tried for years to like brown rice but just never really got into it until I developed this recipe with some Swiss brown mushrooms that were looking pretty dark and mysterious in the fridge. Brown rice is so much better for you, but like me, if you have grown up on the fluffy nutrient deficient white rice, it can take a while to develop a palate for it. But beware when you do, the fluffy white stuff never tastes as good

  • Chunky Corn Chowder

    Growing up in the culinary equivalent to a gastronomic black hole where seriously bad food was prepared on a routine basis, leaves little romantic images of wonderful meals prepared in the family home. I blame no one but have been left with diagnosed culinary scarring that can only be treated with regular home cooked meals using great produce

  • Lamb Tagine

    Maybe it is because I am from Canada but I love Winter time of year. I love snuggling up under a quilt, reading a book and sipping cups of honey scented tea. Food this time of year comes into its own and comfort food has many meanings

  • Smoked Eggplant

    Eggplant is a great example of how you can like or hate the same food, depending on how it is prepared. The first few times I tried eggplant it was prepared by people who did not have a great understanding of it. The taste was bland and bitter

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