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If not dieting Empowerment Cards

Managing our eating, physical activity, weight and health as individuals is usually not straightforward or simple.  On the one hand, we would like to eat healthily and be physically active so we can enjoy a good quality of life.  On the other hand, we are given so much information about what we should  do to be healthy, that it's easy to feel confused about how to do this in the best way for us.

I have created the If not dieting Empowerment Cards (each of which is about the size of a business card for maximum usefulness and effectiveness), to help support you to manage these things in the best way you can.

They are a 64 Card Deck, with each card containing a key message and a beautiful nature photograph.  We have posted images of three of the cards below.

Pick a card each day to provide help and support to: enjoy food without feeling guilty, increase your eating awareness, enjoy moving your body, improve how you feel about yourself, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived of food or losing quality of life.


'Thanks Rick
Your cards are remarkable - simple wisdom delivered with such kindness.  You are a star!'
Emily Simpson

'The cards are excellent - I have one on my wallet (love it - it's the one about having my evil way!!) and a few in my office and pantry and will rotate them with fresh ones.'

'The cards are great for getting 'insight'.  I have had 13 years of counselling but could never quite get a 'grip' on my eating problem.  The cards give me another way of dealing with food and I really see how much guilt and shame I have around food.  The cards give me a new 'mantra' for the day.'

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If not dieting Empowerment Cards