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If Not Dieting, Then What?

by Dr Rick Kausman

'For anyone who's unhappy about their weight, confused about food and fed up with diets that don't work: finally someone making sense!'
Kaz Cooke


If Not Dieting, Then What?, is the winner of the Australian Food Writers Award for Best Nutrition Writing.

The book explores how to:
- enjoy food without feeling guilty
- increase your eating awareness
- improve how you feel about yourself
- fit some sort of activity into your day
- achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight for you, without being deprived of food or quality of life.

Here is what some health professionals, reviewers, and readers have said:

'I just wanted to let you know I have read your book several times, and after years working as a dietitian, and always feeling like I was missing something, after reading your book it was as if someone had switched on the light!  I work with many clients who have weight issues and have had monumental success with the strategies I learnt from your book.'
Claire Francis, Clinical and Sports Dietitian, St John of God Hospital, Bunbury, Western Australia

'This book is like a breath of fresh air ... it is probably the best approach to the problem of excess weight that I have read.  Kausman looks after people by helping them to look after themselves.  He does not preach – he helps.  It is a book of self-discovery for those who are concerned about weight or their attitude to their bodies and food. 
Rosemary Stanton, Nutritionist, AO, author of 'The Diet Dilemma Explained.'

'The outstanding quality of this book is its sanity – it is written to, for and about real human beings.  It is the first book on weight management that left me feeling optimistic and empowered.' 
Judith McFadden, Psychologist, author of 'Diet No More!'

'... a work that extends the boundaries of the genre so far as to redefine the subject altogether.  If Not Dieting, Then What? not only eschews fads, formulas and calorie counting; equally importantly, it is free of condescension.  Kausman's idea that conventional dieting is doomed to fail is not new; rather, what sets this book apart is its understanding of human nature, without which no behavioural change is possible.' 
Necia Hall, The Melbourne Age, April 11, 2000.


'I have found it to be the most sensible and logical approach to eating and food I have ever come across.' 
Mal, Melbourne, Australia.

'This is the best book I have ever read on the subject of 'weight management', and trust me, I have read a ton of books on it.' 
Leanne, Wetaskiwin, Canada.

'Through reading Rick's book, I have been able to put the way I eat and the size I am into the proper context of my life.  I now enjoy the food I eat without feeling guilt.  Eating when and what I really feel like has meant that I am generally eating healthier food.  Reading Rick's book has been a liberating experience.  He has put together all the logic and good sense about eating and weight that is necessary for a healthy way of living.  I am grateful to him for this, as it has made a great difference to my life.' 
Liz, Melbourne, Australia. 

Thankyou for writing 'If Not Dieting, Then What?'  I actually kept on yelling out loud - 'YES! SO TRUE!' while I was reading it (lucky no one was around).  I have a long way to go on this, but the exciting moment for me was when I recently asked the magic question and realised I wanted a Hungry Jacks burger, and so I ate it without guilt, slowly, and discovered after a while that I had enough and while I enjoyed it, I didn't want to (or have to) finish it.  It was the FIRST time in my life I have not finished something, particularly 'junk' food, which holds such a compulsion for me!!!  Still working on this, but to do that for the first time was amazing.  Thanks so much.  Your philosophy makes sense.
Jude (email feedback)

Dear Dr Rick, WOW.  I have just finished reading your book 'If not dieting, then what?'.  Thank you SO much!  It is only one of 2 weight loss related books that I've read that takes the focus off what you eat and puts it onto the why.  I love the focus on food being morally neutral and getting rid of the guilt.  Freedom from the whole food 'issue' is something I've wanted for years.  I can see if I implement the principals in your book that over time I will finally get it.  Thank you.
Annabel (email feedback) 

I have recently bought 'If not dieting, then what?' and I must say - what a revolution!  I have never read a book so quickly, I could hardly put it down.  I've already started re-reading it!
Kathryn (email feedback)

I've just read your book - I very rarely finish a book - and it was like a breath of fresh air.  I tried to put it into practice but it took me 3-4 days before my tummy said I was hungry.  I realise I am hungry all the time but not for food!  I will need to look inside myself to find what will satisfy me.  I now apply it not only to food - yes I can have it but will it satisfy me - but to other things I fill my life with e.g. TV, social situations.  I have taken up Dru Yoga and am trying to spend my time in a more satisfying way.
Kate (email feedback)

For the past 10 years I haven't been a serious dieter - I have just tended to have a low fat diet with plenty of guilt on the side (maybe that IS being a serious dieter?!) - so it's wonderful to make this step into more aware eating!  In recent months I have been able to exercise more, and combined with eating with more awareness, and less, I've actually got fitter and lost about 3 kg - slow good progress.
Best wishes,
Denise (email feedback)

I can't tell enough people about your wonderful book, it has really changed my thinking about diets and so on.  I am only in the beginning stages but I believe I can get there thanks to you!
Thank you
Sheri (email feedback)

Hello!  I have read INDTW a couple of times now - I've really enjoyed it and each time I glean more and more information.  I have started to listen to my body...
Lisa (email feedback)

Hi, I bought your book over a year ago and have found it very liberating and practical.  Thank you,
Andrew (email feedback)

What a bloody relef it is to read SENSIBLE weight management!  Everything you talk about is common sense.  It is the basics and I can't believe I lost my common sense over food.  Your book describes the obvious way of eating and yet when I was lost in the dieting days it was so not obvious.  Intuition, common sense, what do I want?  What do I feel like today?  It is so nice to address these things by making my own decisions.  Your book is fantastic.  I have lent it to a couple of the women at work.  One of the women did not have weight issues but she read it and loved it and found the book very informative and comforting.  The other woman I am waiting for her to finish it.  I have a girlfriend who I shall lend the book to, I even flashed it under my mother's nose and I have got my partner into it as well.  Anyone who mentions that dreaded diet word around me I instantly mention your book to them and offer it as a natural way of eating.
Amanda (email feedback)

Hi Dr Kausman, just wanted to tell you that buying a copy of 'If Not Dieting Then What?' about 2 years ago via your web site was the best thing I have done in a while.  After years of trying every fad diet and pill in existence, I knew something had to change when my weight reached 98kg.  I used to be a size 18/20 and even did plus-size modelling as well as being a 'size-activist'!  Now I'm a size 8 who trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing.
Kind regards,
Leila (email feedback)

Thanks Rick for your wonderful book,
Angela (email feedback)

Dear Rick,
It's been nearly five months since I received your book.  It's worked a miracle for me that nothing else could do.  I've lost 7 kilos since I read the book and started practicing your method of weight loss.  (You'll notice I don't say dieting!)  It is the easiest thing I've ever done to lose weight, and it works.  I find all the pressure that always goes with diets are non-existent with your method and that makes it easy and sustainable.  I did lose the weight quicker at first.  I also came to a plateau, as I always do, but then I continued to lose more weight, which I usually don't.  I am losing slower now, but I'm still losing, and that's the main thing. Sincerely, 
Zelda (email feedback)
PS.  So many people have asked me which diet I'm on. I tell them I'm not on a diet and then recommend your book. 

Dear Rick,
I have read your wonderful book....and its message is like a get out of jail free card!  I have suffered the torment of an unhealthy relationship with food for some 15 years.  Now at 32 I am desperate to free myself from this self destructive behavior.  Thank you for giving me the hope that life can be different...I am ready to change.
Jane (email feedback)

.....for the first time in a very long time I am in fact eating what I want to eat rather than being dictated by restrictive dietary anxiety levels have dropped enormously!!
Jane again (email feedback)

Dear Rick,
Your book has really assisted me to adjust my attitudes and behaviours around food and eating and body image.  Although I had maintained a healthy weight fairly effortlessly for most of my life, I went on a diet (for the first time) after having two children fairly close together.  This was a well known diet program and I did lose weight but ended up with very damaged perceptions of myself and a consuming pre-occupation with portion control etc.  As a consequence I got stuck on a diet cycle for two years until I discovered your book and re-educated myself.  What a relief it was!  Thank you.
Veronica (email feedback) 

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If Not Dieting, Then What?