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Self Essentials Mindfulness Meditations

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What's on the CD?

1. Introduction (0.38)
This very short track introduces you to the idea of mindfulness.

2. Mindfulness of the Breath (9.35)
This meditation introduces you to one of the most fundamental concepts in mindfulness - the act of breathing. This track helps you to focus on the natural beauty of the breath, to allow the breath to anchor you in the present moment. At the same time the meditation teaches you to be aware of your thinking mind without letting it take you away from the present. This is a wonderfully ground- ing and relaxing experience which, after some practice, you will be able to use in your everyday life to stay calm, present, and engaged.

3. Mindfulness of the Body (14.27)
This meditation asks you to listen and get to know all the sensations that occur in your body in each moment. The practice of body focus can help you to pick up physical experiences that you may not be aware of. We live in our bodies and yet we tune out from all that it can tell us. This track also helps you to notice and disengage from your thinking mind, bringing you gently back to the experience. A wonderfully relaxing track to listen to at the end of a long hard day.

4. Coping With Strong Emotions (7.12)
This meditation helps you work with strong, challenging emotions. Often we are encouraged to distract or run away from powerful feelings. The practice of mindfulness can help you to learn how to turn towards difficult emotions, to let them occur, and then to watch them pass by. Learning that you are able to cope with tough emotions is very powerful. All emotions are temporary, and we can deal with them. Listen to this track if you are having difficulty dealing with a strong emotion.

5. Developing Self Compassion (11.15)
This meditation is designed to allow you to turn towards a suffering in your life and work with it with an attitude of kindness and compassion. We all experience suffering, it is part of living. At times our minds react to personal hardship by becoming self critical or angry at ourselves. Such critical reactions serve only to increase the severity of the suffering. The compassionate meditation is aimed at helping us to accept and make room for our suffering with a spirit of kindness and self soothing.

6. Mindful Eating Meditation (7.02)
This experiential meditation focuses on developing the skill of eating with mindful awareness. We eat several times a day, and because it is such a familiar behaviour we become unaware of what we are doing. Mindful eating asks you to pay attention to the sensory experience of eating - to the sight, textures, smells, sounds, and tastes of food. It will slow you down, and allow you to notice what is happening in your body. Practising mindful eating is very helpful if you experi- ence problems with over eating or binge eating, but it is also useful as a general tool for developing a mindful approach to life. Have some food ready to eat before you listen to this track.

7. Loving Kindness Meditation (14.25)
This final track is an adaptation of a Buddhist meditation, designed to help you cultivate feelings of warm loving acceptance towards yourself and others. This is a truly beautiful, emotional experience which engenders a feeling of warmth and loving kindness. Listen to this track anytime you want to feel in touch with yourself and others.

What is Mindfulness?

But we can get stuck in our thinking minds - preoccupied with thoughts about what we need to do, what we havent done or should have done, worried about the future, dwelling on the past, judging ourselves and others, wishing things were different, wishing things would stay the same. Our minds analyse, categorise and judge; they tell us what is right or wrong, good or bad, desirable or undesirable....

And this can cause bother. By continuously thinking, we may experience little peace. Our minds can be particularly critical of ourselves and of others, and such thoughts are not kind or helpful.

The practice of mindfulness is a way of responding to our thinking mind and everyday experiences in a different way. Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment with awareness, openness, kindness and acceptance. Mindfulness brings peace to busy minds. When we practice mindfulness we are wholly engaged in what we are doing rather than running away with thoughts. We learn to allow thoughts and feelings to be as they are, letting them come and go rather than trying to push them away or make them stay. We are learning the habit of being kind and compassionate towards ourselves and others.

This CD guides you through several simple meditations to help you learn the skill of mindfulness. Practice the meditations as much as you can to make being mindful an everyday habit. Sit back, get comfortable, and most of all - enjoy treating yourself well.


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Self Essentials Mindfulness Meditations