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If not dieting Eating Awareness Diary


Finding the best way of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a very individual challenge. It is about having a balance between the amount of energy we consume in food and drink and the amount of physical activity we are able to do. But it's more than that. We need to gather all the relevant information, and find the best way of putting it together for each one of us.

The If not dieting Eating Awareness Diary is a great tool to help us observe what is happening for us around food. It is a resource that both experience and research has shown to be effective. The Eating Awareness Diary helps us to:

  • increase our eating awareness
  • understand how easy it is to end up eating a considerable amount of the time when we are not physically hungry
  • identify the factors that contribute to our non-hungry eating
  • achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight


Paul Mayer, (creator of the Success Motivational Institute) once wrote:

'Writing crystallises thought, and thought motivates action.  Writing keeps you on track and warns of distraction.  It provides repetition and multi-sensory perception.  It helps you experience results ahead of time.'

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If not dieting Eating Awareness Diary